Book reviews… Managing with Carrots

managing with carrots.gifManaging with Carrots
Authors: Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton
Price: £7.99
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons
Pages: 101
ISBN: 0470821795

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Let’s start with a statistic: 79% of people who resign from their job cite perceptions of not being appreciated as a key reason for leaving. This is quite sobering. Gostick and Elton give us a solution in a book that is easy to read, full of relevant information, stories, case studies, pictures and great ideas.

The concept behind it is that it is better to manage by rewarding with a proverbial carrot, than with the stick. The 101 pages skilfully illustrate that recognition for a job well done is motivating and esteem building. If a manager can keep employees motivated and feeling good about themselves, the organisation stands to get workers who are engaged. All this leads to a more satisfied workforce, happier customers, and an organisation that can see an improvement to its bottom line.

But with a book like this, with its positive philosophy, it is easy to be cynical. I can hear the objections ‘it is too simplistic’, or ‘too American’. Well, that may be so, but I wonder just how many carrots (praise) these nay-sayers actually give. The reality is that this is not some idea pulled from the ether, but grounded in modern organisational theory, and for such a small book, the references are impressive.

I recommend this book wholeheartedly, and I think it is the heart of the authors that wins me over. They obviously care passionately about the subject matter, and so should any manager who seriously cares about his or her employees.

At under £8, the book is exceptionally good value for money. It will only take an evening to read – but I guarantee that the ideas will stay with you much longer than that.

Useful? 4 out of  5

Well-written? 5 out of  5

Practical? 4 out of  5

Inspirational? 4 out of  5

Value for money? 5 out of  5

Overall: 4 out of  5

Reviewed by Richard Moss, training consultant and coach/mentor

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