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The web is a great tool for on-demand information and this site certainly
plays to its strengths. It is an online library of how-to guides on business
know-how called Knowledge Bytes, which are broken up into a number of zones.
These are: effective management; financial management; HR and people
development (which contains several features on e-learning and knowledge
management); IT; operational management; personal development; and sales,
marketing and services. Each guide comprises three parts: a step-by-step
practical guide, a real-life account of a problem in that area and an overview.
You can read, print and e-mail them, store them on your bookshelf or start a
discussion on one. There is a charge to access them but the £200 annual
individual membership fee (which reduces if more people at the company want to
join) includes a facility to request that new guides are created on specific
subjects by AskHow2’s network of authors. Alternatively, if you have a
specialist subject you think the Askhow2 community would benefit from, find out
how to be an author.

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