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Global University Alliance

The Global University Alliance is a network of universities offering
students from around the world the chance to study for higher education awards
via the internet. Accreditation is by the universities (although the GUA name
appears on certificates as the organisation that delivered the programme) and
cross accreditation awards are also available which can offer an advantage over
single-site awards if you want to work internationally. Courses span a range of
academic and vocational areas from business and engineering to health and
tourism. Click on a subject heading on the site (under the course finder menu
at the top) and it will show which courses and awards are available. Member
institutions include the University of Derby and the University of Glamorgan in
the UK, as well as the University of South Australia, the George Washington
University in the US, the Hogeschool Brabant (International Business School) in
The Netherlands and the Athabasca University in Canada. The site also explains
what technology you need to access the courses.

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