Government guidance for airport security staff

requirements for airport security staff have been announced by the Government.

Secretary Stephen Byers and Home Secretary David Blunkett accepted
recommendations from a working group that examined security at airports. The
Government intends to implement the report’s recommendations as quickly as

By early May:
● New requirements for the identification, recovery and deletion of
security passes that have been lost, or are no longer needed, will be in place

● Counter Terrorist Checks on security staff will be extended
● DTLR will issue advice on handling high-value cargo at airports
● Airport Security Committees will be given an enhanced role
● A new national standard for the issue of Restricted Zone passes
will be sent to airport security managers.

Byers also
announced his decision to use new powers provided in the Anti-terrorism, Crime
and Security Act 2001 to enable the DTLR to list aviation security companies
approved by the department’s Transport Security Division. Airlines and airports
will be required to use only those companies listed.

He said:
"Airport security is under constant review and needs to be updated and
revised in the light of changing circumstances. The Government has accepted in full
the recommendations from the group looking at airport security. In addition, we
intend to draw up a list of approved security companies to do airport work.
Only companies on such a list can be engaged.

"It is
vital our security regulations are effectively implemented by airport staff. To
this end, staff from my department are today meeting airport managing directors
and other senior security managers from the aviation industry to brief them on
the new requirements and their responsibilities."

The list of
approved security companies will be in place by the end of the year.

By Ross Wigham

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