Bosses wake up to the meaning of life

One legacy of the terrorist attacks of 11 September is that managers are
looking for more meaning in their lives.

Research by consultants Roffey Park shows a growing awareness of mortality
among managers, with many looking for the opportunity to perform a more
worthwhile role, at home and at work.

The Management Agenda 2002 also shows that more than 70 per cent of the 400
managers surveyed are suffering stress due to an inadequate work-life balance,
with long-term employees being worst affected.

Linda Holbeche, director of research at Roffey Park, said: "The
majority of employees feel less loyal to their employer than in the past. They
are no longer prepared to put work ahead of everything else.

"Work-life balance is becoming such an important issue for managers
that many are prepared to downshift to gain more time for out-of-work
interests. They are no longer prepared to make the heavy sacrifices made in the

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