Brand new guide helps you to choose outsourcing partners

A new publication has been launched to help HR departments choose partners
when outsourcing employee relations and employment law services.

The guide is published by Personnel Today Management Resources in
recognition that HR teams are increasingly outsourcing compliance and
employment law issues to focus on strategic HR. Employee Relations and
Employment Law Consultancy Services fills an information gap about the
consultancies that provide these services.

It not only tells you what services the organisations offer, but also gives
information about companies able to ensure your potential supplier shortlist is
drawn up using hard, reliable data.

The guide is a comprehensive directory of all the consultancies that can
manage employment contracts, policies and procedures, management systems and
tribunal claims. There is also an in-depth introductory section that explains
the key issues when considering outsourcing employee relations and employment
law tasks. It offers an analysis of trends in the market based on in-depth
research by ARK Business Analysis.

The guide is the first in a series which will support HR in choosing
suppliers of services. It will help you to:

– Save time – all of the potential shortlist candidates are here with
products, services and typical clients listed

– Save money – the range of services and price benchmarks are explained so
you can choose those most appropriate for your business

– Speed up decision making – financial and shareholder profiles of potential
suppliers are provided so you can assess the reliability of candidates quickly

– Satisfy the board – learn how to anticipate and fulfil your board’s
expectations on major outsourcing projects

– Know how reliable the supplier will be – full market trends, shares and
top 10 rankings are given to assess the strengths of key suppliers.

Available now for £295. More information from, or telephone
01280 843900.

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