Branding builds employee loyalty

who can engage  staff in their business
goals are more likely to retain their workforce than firms which offer flexible
working arrangements, according to research.

research by recruitment agency Korn/Ferry International reveals there is a gap
between what employees say they want and what motivates them to stay with a

86 per cent of staff rate work-life balance very important, an analysis of
behavioural patterns reveals these priorities could be misleading in retaining
and motivating staff. The survey shows staff identify more closely with a

if they
believe it has a viable

well-communicated strategy for success. 

Bekins, chief executive of Korn/Ferry International, urges employers to create
a strong, distinct employment brand.

He said,
“With human capital ever-more essential to sustaining growth and creating
shareholder value, company leaders need to create an employment brand that
attracts the best talent, just as they create a consumer brand that builds
customer loyalty.”

The report
findings suggest that HR departments are failing to use the intranet to
effectively create an employment brand.

departments view the intranet as a way to reduce costs, rather than a chance to
build relationships with individual employees, says the report.

research is based on surveys with 4,500 knowledge workers operating across
sectors in the US, Europe, Asia and Israel.

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