A round-up of news from the professional journals

Nurses over 35 are being overlooked

Nurses over the age of 35 say they are overlooked for promotion because
managers think they are too old, research has shown. Seventy per cent of nurses
in a survey of 150 over-35s believe their promotional prospects are lower than
their younger colleagues.

Nursing Standard, 14 January

Exercise shifts weight

Even moderate exercise may prevent weight gain and promote weight loss in
non-dieting individuals. A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine
(164 (1) 31-39), of 200 over-weight men and woman aged 40 to 65, assigned to
varying degrees of activity, established a clear relationship between the
amount of physical activity and amount of weight loss.

Nursing Times, 13 January

Nurse-led injections

Two researchers have called for nurse-led heroin injecting centres for drug
addicts to be established in the UK. Dr Nat Wright and Charlotte Tompkins, of
the Centre for Research in Primary Care, Leeds, said the centres should be
piloted in the UK as part of an integrated public health strategy.

Nursing Times, 9 January

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