A round-up of news from professional journals

Smallpox vaccine on offer to nurses

Smallpox vaccination will be offered to nurses in the NHS and the armed
forces as a precaution against possible terrorist attacks.  The move was confirmed recently in separate
statements by health minister John Hutton and defence minister Lewis Moonie.  The health service is to set up 12 smallpox
response groups across the UK.

Nursing Standard 12 December 2002

MDA urged to end needle use

The organisation that ensures medical devices are safe and appropriate must
push for the introduction of needle-free equipment, according to a senior nurse
who buys equipment for a large NHS trust. Action by the Medical Devices Agency
could dramatically reduce needlestick injuries to staff, said Ian Poxon,
procurement specialist at the Nottingham Queen’s Medical Centre.

Nursing Standard 2 December 2002

Cancer website launched

A major cancer charity has launched an interactive website exclusively for
health professionals. CancerBACUP has developed the service in consultation
with staff from the NHS cancer networks about the resources they need to
implement the cancer information strategy.

Nursing Standard 2 December 2002

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