A round-up of news from the professional journals

Fine exemption bid

Community nurses in central London will face hefty charges every time they
travel by car unless a union campaign to win them exemption is successful.
London mayor Ken Livingstone plans to introduce a daily £5 congestion charge to
travel into the centre of the capital by January 2003. But Tom Sandford, the
RCN’s regional director for London, was "optimistic" nurses will win

Nursing Times
18 July

Death risk scoring

A new scoring system for assessing a patient’s risk of death from
cardiovascular disease is available online. The system calculates an adult’s
risk of death based on 11 factors, including age, sex, systolic blood pressure
and total cholesterol levels, smoking, and diabetes.

Nursing Times
13 July

Staffing success

A national staffing agency run by the NHS is benefiting nurses and managers,
a conference on the progress ofNHS professionals has heard. The agency has been
piloted since November at 15 sites, with a further 30 set to join the scheme.
The service offers trusts a single point of contact for finding staff through
collaboration between NHS employers in local labour markets.

Nursing Standard
25 July

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