Brightwave becomes Founding Ambassador of Towards Maturity

After a decade in the business of providing high impact online learning solutions, Brightwave today confirms its investment in the next ten years of e-learning by announcing its Founding Ambassador role with Towards Maturity and a substantial new research project. Towards Maturity is an independent, not for profit organisation, which aims to help improve the impact of learning technologies at work.

Charles Gould, Brightwave’s managing director said: “We are delighted to become a Founding Ambassador for an organisation whose values chime so well with our own in the pursuit of raising the bar for learning innovation, best practice and business impact.

“We’re also working with Towards Maturity on our new research, which launches today. This study is aimed at better understanding the future needs of those delivering learning at work, improving organisational competitiveness and driving business change in the next decade. We will be discussing the survey and results with the industry at Learning Technologies 2011 in January,” added Gould.

Brightwave’s new ‘What a difference 10 years makes research project, launched today, will help those responsible for workplace learning and development recognise the trends, expectations and perceived barriers to making a continued impact with e-learning. It will focus on how learning within organisations needs to support the increasing rate of business change expected in the coming decade and how technology can best support that accelerated transformation.

The research questions can be viewed and answered at Participants can also win free entry to the industry’s leading workplace learning conference, Learning Technologies 2011.

Brightwave’s research will build on some of the issues identified in Towards Maturity’s Benchmark 2010 research, which was announced yesterday by its managing director, Laura Overton, in a Learning Skills Group webinar. More than 1,200 organisations took part in the Towards Maturity Benchmark 2010 study (its seventh year), which covered key trends, drivers, implementation, business impact and evaluation of learning technologies.

Interestingly, the Benchmark 2010 research found that more of the available training budget is being allocated to learning technologies than ever before – one in four organisations allocated 30% or more of its training budget to learning technologies. However, despite this increased investment, there is less focus on strategic alignment than previously – only 30% agree that there is an organisation wide strategy compared with 43% in 2008. The forecasted meteoric rise in the use of social media for learning was…

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