British Computer Society to advertise the benefits to IT professionals of achieving chartered status

The British Computer Society (BCS) is launching a national advertising campaign promoting the importance of a professional ‘gold standard’ in the IT marketplace.

The eight-week campaign will use the imagery of podiums and medals to encourage IT professionals to ‘go for gold’ by working towards chartered status with the BCS – the body that represents IT professionals.

David Clarke, BCS chief executive, said: “In common with other similar standards for professions such as accountants or surveyors, there is an increasing need for top-flight IT professionals to be measured against the industry ‘gold standard’.

“True IT professionals with chartered status are seen as having high levels of technical skills coupled with business acumen and an ethical and accountable approach to the way they work.”

The campaign includes escalator adverts at prominent tube stations, about 30,000 e-mails to IT and human resources professionals, and banner adverts on industry news websites.

About one-third of the 60,000 members of the BCS have attained chartered status.

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