British Vocational Qualifications

A directory of vocational qualifications available in the UK
From: Kogan Page
Price: £40

This book does what the cover says. It contains a listing of vocational qualifications offered in the UK for the 19-plus age group.

The national framework starts at introductory level and goes up to level 8, but this publication offers a listing of qualifications from levels 1 to 5 in keeping with the qualifications most likely to be offered by further education colleges.

It helpfully includes contact details for awarding bodies so that readers can identify providers of qualifications that might be offered outside the further education setting.

If this is what you need then this is the book for you. It contains an up-to-date explanation of regulatory authorities and awarding bodies and a directory of vocational qualifications.

The book was compiled by Kogan Page, and as such does its job without frills. However, I would have welcomed an overview of the market and a couple of opinion pieces just to add some warmth and context to a workaday directory.

Useful? 5 stars (out of 5)
Well-written? 3
Relevance? 5

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