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Recruiting HR professionals: building the perfect HR team

16 Aug 2019

As the HR profession changes so does the way that HR recruits HR. Stephanie Sparrow examines how human resources professionals...

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HR in financial services: a sector rich in opportunities?

26 Jun 2019

An HR role in financial services can offer the chance to shine—but it will also be demanding. Stephanie Sparrow reports...

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Where to get the best salary in HR

4 Jun 2019

Change is impacting every industry, and this is creating new opportunities, healthy salaries and more flexible working conditions for HR...

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What is it like to work in diversity and inclusion?

26 Apr 2019

Have you got what it takes to spearhead diversity and inclusion initiatives? Stephanie Sparrow finds out why diversity and inclusion...

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Personnel Today turns 30: How the new publication drove progress

29 Mar 2018

Movers and shakers behind the first editions of Personnel Today in the late 1980s helped the profession to find its...

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The growing importance of continuing professional development

28 Feb 2012

The tough economic climate is creating pressure on HR professionals to perform well and achieve quick results while demonstrating evidence...

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How to impress a CEO

2 Dec 2011

Whether you are trying to make your mark or win a prestigious appointment, it pays to impress the CEO. Stephanie...

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Key learning and development skills to get you noticed

7 Nov 2011

One of our most popular career articles is HR skills to get you noticed, in which we suggest stand-out details...

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Preparing for an interview

21 Oct 2011

Preparing for an interview can take as much time and research as the initial stages of applying for a job,...

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HR skills to get you noticed

14 Oct 2011

Jobseekers and career-changers need more than a pair of sharp elbows to get ahead in today’s tough economic climate. A...

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Could I be headhunted on social media?

6 Oct 2011

Social media has become an established recruitment tool and is now part of what has become known as “multi-channel resourcing”, with...

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What can HR do for my career?

26 Sep 2011

The HR profession is working hard to shake off its reputation as a “siloed” career with a limiting skill-set, but...

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How do I re-enter HR after a career break?

12 Aug 2011

Job hunting is never more challenging than during an economic downturn. In tough times, applicants feel driven to cast their...

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Graduate routes into HR

15 Jul 2011

Graduate opportunities in HR are withstanding the faltering economic recovery, with organisations offering both specific graduate programmes and, thanks to the...

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Measuring coaching ROI: the importance of being measured

6 Mar 2009

Proving return on investment has been a key challenge for the coaching profession for the past decade, but economic uncertainty...

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