Bullying at work affects one in three

third of Britain’s workers have suffered or witnessed bullying in their jobs,
according to a survey.

than half of those cases involve bosses bullying their staff, according to
research for recruitment specialists Eden Brown.

goes on more often among people of the same sex, with 40 per cent of men and 33
per cent of women suffering same-sex bullying.

80 per cent of staff took no action over bullying, while two in five said they
spoke to the protagonists and one in three discussed it with their boss or HR

survey found 90 per cent of people regarded job security as their top
employment priority, with money rated the second most important factor.

research showed that ‘having nice colleagues to work with’ was rated as only
the fourth highest concern for workers.

survey polled more than 900 full- and part-time workers.

By Paul Nelson



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