Bullying is costing Consignia £15m a year

Bullying and sexual harassment costs Consignia about £15m a year, according
to union Amicus.

In a union poll, eight out of 10 staff said they had experienced bullying in
the past year, while six out of 10 of the 265 man- agers polled have seen
another staff member being bullied.

Almost four out of 10 employees took sick leave due to the problems they
have experienced – with an average 51 days taken per person last year.

According to Consignia’s staff survey, more than 16,000 had suffered
bullying and harassment in the last 12 months.

The findings show the firm is struggling to cut the amount of bullying
despite it being highlighted as a problem in last July’s industrial relations

Amicus has called on Consignia to stamp down on bullying by overhauling
harassment policies, improving training and reviewing management workloads. A
Consignia spokesperson said: "We are making it easier for staff to report
problems and are increasing awareness by educating staff."

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