Burger chain giant cheesed off by ‘McJob’ definition

All’s not well under the golden arches – the McDonald’s restaurant chain is
apparently fuming at the definition of a ‘McJob’ in the latest edition of the
Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Webster’s defines a ‘McJob’ as "a low-paying job that requires little
skill and provides little opportunity for advancement".

Jim Cantalupo, McDonald’s chief executive, strongly disagrees. In an open
letter sent to US news organisations, he calls the definition "a slap in
the face to the 12 million men and women" who work in the restaurant
industry, and "an inaccurate description of restaurant employment".

Apparently, the lawyers may soon be wheeled in.

McDonald’s points out that the word ‘McJob’ closely resembles McJobs, the
company’s training programme for handicapped people.

Meanwhile, Merriam-Webster is standing firm. "We stand by the accuracy
and appropriateness of our definition," said spokesman Arthur Bicknell.

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