Business Across Cultures

Business Across Cultures
By Fons Trompenaars, Peter Woolliams
Publisher: Capstone
Pages 368 pages
Price £12.99
ISBN 1841124745
Reviewed by Julian Birch
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Having grappled with similar books on the subject as a student it was with some trepidation that I sat down to read Trompenaars and Woolliam’s book, Business Across Cultures, for this review.

Billed as an overview for the authors’ Culture for Business series, it summarises the subjects covered in their other titles.

Through empirical research and practical examples, the authors present their views on approaching cultural variances in a variety of contexts, including marketing, HR, change management and even accounting.

The writing style is very accessible, with some excellent scenarios, and the book successfully manages to make cultural observations in a manner that is easy to relate to.

From my own experience, many managers working in a multicultural environment – even within one location, as is increasingly the case – learn most of the points made in this book quickly through simple social interaction. But they’re not who this was written for. It is aimed at those in more strategic positions, who are probably not involved in day-to-day operations. For them, I’d imagine this book is an excellent read, if not essential.

For today’s students and top executives alike, this is the seminal work of the moment on the subject. For the rest of you, just continue to consider your colleagues’ reactions before you act, whatever culture they’re from.


Julian Burch is a project director at Maritz Learning

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