Business must prepare to grab new European jobs

Government says Britain could lose out on job creation if firms do not prepare
for enlargement of the European Union.

membership of 10 new countries is agreed later this year, the EU is expected to
be the biggest consumer market in the world, with up to 500 million customers.

to website Ananova, Europe minister Peter Hain and competition minister Melanie
Johnson have launched a new Government website to advise firms on how to take
advantage of new business opportunities.

Hain said the extra trade is expected to create more than 300,000 jobs
throughout the EU, many of them in Britain.

he said: "British business has no divine right to these benefits. Our
European competitors are also after them.

message to British business is to get out there and grab hold of these
opportunities." The new website – at
 – will be available shortly.

By Quentin Reade

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