Cadbury Schweppes sees sweet success with online tests

Confectionery giant Cadbury Schweppes says it has significantly improved the speed and efficiency of its graduate and management recruitment processes by introducing online verbal and numerical reasoning tests.

The online tests, provided by assessment firm PSL, replaced paper-based tests, which were unwieldy and time-consuming, said Oliver West, Cadbury Schweppes’ resourcing manager for UK and Ireland. 

“Graduates used to spend 90 minutes of an assessment day on verbal and numerical tests.  After a successful trial last year, we’ve cut this down to a 45-minute online experience prior to the interview stage,” he said.

“We feel this is a far more efficient way of achieving what we want to achieve.  It also means we get better value out of our assessment days because candidates can spend more time on job-related exercises.”

Around 4,000 candidates apply each year for the 20 available places on Cadbury Schweppes’ graduate programme. The company looks for a base academic knowledge and the three characteristics of judgment, drive and influence.

“When you have so many applications, and can only commit to a finite number of interviews, it is critical to carry out the broadest assessment as early as possible,” said West. 

“The tests help us make a decision by providing evidence that doesn’t rely on subjective human judgment,” he added.

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