Call centre culture set to reign in the 21st century

The number of call centre employees in the UK will rocket from 500,000 to
640,000 by 2005, according to a report by research company Datamonitor.

The report claims that the call centre sector, which currently accounts for
1.7 per cent of the UK’s workforce, will employ two per cent of the working
population by 2005.

The growth will see another 2,000 call centres join the 6,000 already in the

Datamonitor analyst James Adams said the expected rise will create a
recruitment and retention challenge for call centre employers.

Many call centres have a staff turnover of 100 per cent a year, and it is
difficult to recruit good people, especially as the centres get more
sophisticated, he said.

Adams said one of the main obstacles to recruitment and retention is the
poor image that has plagued call centre jobs.

But he said this is becoming easier with improved conditions and money in
the sector.

"There is less shouting and whip-cracking now, and wages are
approaching mean earnings."

The research indicated that increased competition in the sector should also
lead to improved conditions.

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