Call centre managers like their work

centre managers experience job satisfaction despite the sector’s pressures,
according to a new report.

the centres have high staff turnover, with the vast majority of centre managers
having to work over 40 hours a week, including over half regularly failing to
take lunch breaks, the majority are satisfied in the role, while 16 per cent
are very satisfied.

research, by software firm Noetica, polled 70 UK-based call centre managers,
and shows that call centre managers are competent in people management skills
and understand the importance of staff motivation.

use a variety of techniques to increase morale including effective
communication and the promotion of team spirit, the report said. Some employers
also offer doughnuts, alcohol and cheap travel as incentives.

Symondson, commercial director at Noetica, said: "Contrary to the gloomy
picture often painted around call centres, we have discovered that managers are
happy, and thrive in their environment, despite the pressures of the job."

By Paul Nelson

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