‘Canoe’ wife Anne Darwin in employment plea

‘Canoe’ wife Anne Darwin has made a plea for employment as she flew back to the UK to be arrested for alleged fraud over her husband’s return from the dead.

Darwin is in a Hartlepool police station after returning from Panama where she and husband John planned to start a new life together with money they secured from his ‘death’.

“I am sure I am going to have to give the money back that I got from John’s death, so I will have no money,” she told the Daily Mirror last night.

“As for working, I don’t know if anyone will want to employ me.”

John Darwin, a former prison officer, was declared dead after his canoe was found washed up in the River Tees five years ago.

He walked into a London police station earlier this month claiming he could not remember anything since 2000. But then a picture of him and his wife in Panama in July last year emerged.

Anne has since confessed that she knew John was alive for some time, but insists she was always going to pay back money gained from his life insurance and life assurance policies.

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