Can’t live without

QuickCam Cordless

What is it?

A webcam without any connecting wires which means you can use it untethered,
up to 20m away from your PC. It features a built-in microphone and captures
video and still images up to 640×480 pixels, which should satisfy most users.

The specially designed LED in the viewfinder visible from the front of the
webcam lets the user makes sure they are in the picture and a swivel base lets
you capture images from different angles. It runs on a nine-volt battery or AC
adapter, and includes a wall-mounting kit. It is easy to use and the styling
and build is top notch.

Why do I need one?

When webcams first arrived they were seen more as items of fun and were used
to monitor everything from coffee pots to fish tanks – hardly the most
commercial application of their talents. However, they are serious tools for
both video conferencing and e-learning and Logitech’s cordless offering brings
a new dimension to their flexibility (why not change your backdrop
mid-conference?). The webcam will also let you broadcast live video and audio
(an option for the chairman’s next address) and send video e-mails.

Where can I get more info?:

Price: £180

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