Casino workers favour total smoking ban

A majority of casino workers support a complete smoking ban on the premises, research reveals.

A survey of 557 workers, led by Paul Pilkington at the University of the West of England, found that 65% wanted an outright ban.

Three-quarters of workers surveyed also reported being exposed to high levels of other people’s tobacco smoke.

And nearly half of the casino workers that were smokers themselves remained in favour of an outright smoking ban.

Under the government’s current proposals, casinos could avoid having to stub out smoking because they are classified as private members’ clubs.

Pilkington said: “The findings strengthen the case for a total smoking ban in all workplaces, including casinos.”

Some respondents also said that their employer asked them to sign a declaration saying they were happy to work in a smoky environment, and one worker said he had been asked to sign a contract agreeing not to sue the casino for any smoke-related illnesses.

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