Catch-all training lets staff down says survey

with one-size-fits-all training courses are doing a disservice to many staff, a
new study claims.

survey of more than 1,000 UK workers found widely differing needs, depending on
age, gender, location and domestic context.

survey, by management training provider Cambridge Online Learning (COL), shows
that when choosing a training course:

twice as many 16-24 year olds (33 per cent) were concerned about ‘levels of
support’ on courses than more experienced respondents aged 45-54 (15 per cent)
and those over 55 (15 per cent)

16-24 year olds were also significantly more motivated by ‘better job and
salary prospects’ (75 per cent) than older colleagues (47 per cent of 45-54
year olds)

by contrast, older employees appear to be less driven by self-interest;
preferring courses with ‘relevance to real-life work’ (31 per cent of 35-54
year olds compared to 23 per cent of 16-24s)

‘learning at a time and place that suits’ is more attractive to female
respondents (48 per cent) than male (39 per cent), and rises in importance for
both genders if they have children, large households generally and internet

‘flexibility to pick-up or postpone modules’ according to work-life load was
also important, especially in regions reliant on seasonal jobs in agriculture
and tourism

By Quentin Reade

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