Catholic Church launches recruitment drive for priests in England

The Catholic Church has launched a recruitment drive to boost the number of priests in the West of England.

The campaign includes promotional posters and leaflets and features a man from Bristol who will be ordained as a priest later this year.

The drive will be overseen by Father Robert King, vocations director for the Clifton Diocese in Bristol, The Good News reports.

“Priests are called to be heroic in their real active service of the gospel, and the priesthood deserves the best possible promotion that we can give it,” he said.

The campaign follows the encouragement of Pope Benedict at the Vatican to recruit more priests from overseas, especially Poland.

The Pope recently told his seminaries: “Encourage your priests to do their missionary service or pastoral work in countries where clergy are scarce. It seems that today this is a special task and, in a certain sense, also a duty of the Church in Poland.”


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