CBI supports enforcement of minimum wage

The CBI has backed the Government’s tough enforcement of the
minimum wage, claiming that it’s good for business.

John Cridland, the
CBI’s deputy director-general and a member of the Low Pay Commission, gave his
support after the Government published its annual report on the minimum wage.

The figures revealed
that that rogue bosses have been forced to pay out nearly £5 million in salary
arrears to workers receiving less than the national minimum wage.

Cridland said, “Cowboy employers that don’t pay the minimum
wage are not doing anyone any favours. They undercut the vast majority of
companie, which are of course obeying the law. That’s why tough enforcement of
the minimum wage is good for business.”

He added that
although the compliance system is working well, the Government needed to be
realistic about enforcement.

“There will always be
employers operating outside the mainstream business world that the Government
cannot reach.”



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