CBI warns of EU threat to UK workers

The CBI claims to have evidence that two pieces of proposed European
legislation will damage UK competitiveness, reduce overtime pay and cost jobs.

It cited the results of its latest employment trends survey as proof that
potential EU regulations on temporary workers and limiting working hours would
damage the UK economy.

In the survey, 45 per cent of employers confirmed they would offer fewer
temporary work assignments if the Temporary Workers Directive was introduced in
its present form.

The current draft of the directive would see employers forced to offer
temporary workers the same employment conditions as permanent staff from day
one of employment and the same salary after a six-weeks.

It also found that 59 per cent of firms said the directive would impose
additional costs, making temporary staff less affordable and so reducing the
flexibility for employers.

Business leaders are also concerned about the removal of the UK’s opt out
from the Working Time Directive, with 39 per cent claiming it would have a
serious impact on business.

CBI deputy director-general, John Cridland, said both proposed directives
will damage the very people they are designed to help, by harming salaries and
costing jobs.

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