Charity donations rise through Give As You Earn scheme

number of people giving to charity through Give As You Earn has increased by 23
per cent since April 2000, research reveals.

UK’s largest scheme for tax-free payroll giving also saw donations top £50m for

survey by the Charities Aid Foundation looked at the impact of radical changes
made by the Government to payroll giving in April 2000.

changes included removing the £100m monthly ceiling and adding a 10 per cent
bonus to all payroll donations until April 2003.

to the survey, nearly half of the high level donors through Give As You Earn
have joined the scheme since these changes were introduced, boosting the
average annual donation among this group by 71 per cent to £2,396.

than half of those giving through the scheme stated that the tax changes had an
impact on their giving. Nearly two-thirds of these had switched from other
forms of tax-effective giving and almost a quarter of those previously donating
up to the £100 monthly limit have increased their contributions further still.

Byers, CAF’s executive director for donor services, called for an extension of
the 10 per cent bonus on payroll giving.

dramatic growth brought about by the April 2000 changes can’t be ignored. CAF
is already working alongside other leading voluntary sector bodies to ensure we
build on this success and finally begin to realise the incredible potential of
payroll giving," she said.

By Ben Willmott


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