Child details on CV hinder accountant’s employability

female accountant was told to remove details of her child from her CV by a
JobCentre to make her more employable, an employment tribunal heard yesterday.

claim arose in the latest high-profile sex discrimination case to hit the City
of London. Diane Winship is alleging sex discrimination and unfair dismissal
against fund management firm Goldenberg Hehmeyer after she claimed they
promised she could come back to work part-time after four months’ maternity

she said the company then demanded she returned full-time, and gave her two
weeks to decide whether to accept the offer. The company denies promising her
part-time work.

told the tribunal she was sacked and when she booked an interview to receive
jobseeker’s allowance, she was told her 16-month-old daughter would lessen her
chances of getting employment.

was to delete the line that I had a child on my CV, as it could be a cause of
not getting work,” she said. “I am so proud of my daughter and yet she could be
stopping me from getting work, so I have now deleted her [details].”

hearing continues.

By Michael Millar

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