Children-friendly drive to put parents in driving seat

Surrey transport company is allowing bus drivers to take their children to work
in a bid to overcome staff shortages.

the managed transport arm of WS Atkins, has introduced the scheme to help
recruit school bus drivers, after the success of similar schemes in the US.

manager Sue Bond, who believes the scheme is a first in the UK, said drivers
are allowed to take one child on-board, who must be under school age and
secured in a safe seat.

said Surrey County Council has approved the scheme and all insurance issues
have been cleared for the company, which transports 2,500 special needs
children to and from school, in more than 700 trips a day.

there is room on the buses and the children are secured properly like other
passengers, there is no reason why a parent or grandparent shouldn’t take their
children or grandchildren on-board while they are driving," said Bond.

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