China’s high-fliers share knowledge

The final three Chinese staff secondments have been placed in UK companies
as part of the Government-organised China Financial Sector Scheme.

The high-calibre participants have at least five years’ professional
experience, are fluent in English and are seen as future business leaders.

The scheme was launched by Chancellor Gordon Brown in 1998 and 222 Chinese
professionals have spent periods of between four and 10 months working in UK

The companies involved have also benefited, said Lisa Smith, HR adviser for
Virgin One. The mortgage firm’s IT department received one of the secondees.

"We learnt a lot culturally and it gives us the chance to give
something back to China and promote relations. It also allowed the IT team to
appreciate what they have," Smith said.

Vanessa Trigg, senior HR manager at Daiwa Securities Trust and Banking,
said, "It helps the bank get a cultural awareness of China and the
economic climate and the problems the financial institutions in China

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