CIPD and PPMA lend weight to carer campaign

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and the Public Sector People Managers Association (PPMA) have thrown their weight behind Personnel Today’s Tax Breaks for Carers campaign.

Under the proposals, tax breaks would enable employers to offer a voucher for employees who care for any dependant, similar to those available for childcare.

Duncan Brown, the CIPD’s assistant director-general, said: “We believe employers benefit from helping their staff to balance their work and personal roles and responsibilities. With an ageing population, more people are having to devote more time and resource to care for the elderly, so it makes sense that carers should be afforded equal flexibility and benefits to parents with childcare responsibilities.”

Angela O’Connor, president of the PPMA, added: “Carers provide a unique and valuable service. Employers across all sectors should be supportive of staff in this situation. Carers deserve our backing, and petitioning for tax breaks is one way of doing this. PPMA commends Personnel Today for its campaign on this critical issue.”

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