CIPD introduces new recruitment qualification

The CIPD is launching a recruitment and selection certificate
in a bid to address the skills shortage.

The aim of the new qualification is to give employers the
knowledge that they need to recruit the best staff. It will update employers on
the use of recruitment tools, including the Internet, and aims to heighten the
awareness of legal implications.

“A much sharper focus is needed when considering new
recruits. They may not possess the exact mix of skills and experience needed to
do the job, but they may have huge potential. Employers need to be aware of the
new ways of assessing candidates against the needs of the organisation as a
whole. By putting a strategic and people-focused plan in place for the people
you want today and need tomorrow, organisations will maintain their competitive
edge,” said Caroline Curtis, business development manager at the CIPD.

The certificate, to be launched at next week’s conference
annual recruitment conference in London, has six modules including strategies
for recruitment and selection and recruitment law.


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