TUC hits out at CBI over information and consultation

TUC president Bill Morris has hit out at the CBI over their opposition to
information and consultation rights for UK workers.

told the annual conference of the Fire Brigades Union that the CBI’s attitude
represented a major barrier to social progress and productivity.

said, “True to form, the CBI, once again, stands as an industrial iceberg
opposing every piece of social reform which aims to improve the lot of working
people. They oppose the Social Chapter, they oppose the Working Time Directive,
they oppose the minimum wage.”

TUC president’s criticisms came in the wake of the CBI’s threat to pull out of
productivity talks with the unions and the government.

told the audience in Bridlington, Yorkshire, “I say the CBI attitude represents
an impediment to social progress and productivity.  Frankly, if there were medals for whinging the CBI would win the
triple gold.”


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