City workers top UK pay league

City of London tops the average pay league for full-time workers in the UK,
while employees in the Scottish borders have the lowest wages, according to
research by the GMB union.

staff command an average wage of £50,904, compared to the Scottish borders at
the bottom of the scale, where the annual average wage is £18,491.

boroughs top the list with eight out of the top 10 pay areas, with the top 23
all in London and the South East.

Curran, GMB general secretary, said a £30,000 pay difference was not reflective
of the quality of the workforce and was much higher than the actual cost of
living differences.

wages in certain areas continue to be driven down because companies think they
can get workers on the cheap the farther they go into the regions," he
said. "For a successful economy, all workers need to be recognised for
their value, no matter where they live."

10 areas (average pay)

Of London – £50,904
Tower Hamlets – £42,027
Islington – £39,635
Westminster – £37,213
Bracknell Forest – £35,197
Southwark – £34,430
Camden – £33,933
Hammersmith and Fulham – £33,929
Wokingham – £33,352
Kensington and Chelsea – £31,480

10 areas (average pay)

Borders – £18,491
Gwynedd – £18,728
Herefordshire – £19,667
Carmarthenshire – £19,719
Inverclyde – £19,744
Argyll and Bute – £19,820
Dumfries and Galloway – £19,485
Darlington – £19,907
Walsall – £20,004
Havering – £20,016

By Michael Millar

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