Civil servants pass half million mark

total number of staff employed by the civil service has grown by more than
10,000 during the past six months.

number of permanent civil servants now stands at 512,400, an increase of 12,780
since numbers were last released six months ago.

there has been a drop of 2,040 in the number of casual staff employed by the
Government since October last year.

the complete year to April the number of permanent staff increased by 22,160
(4.5 per cent) and there was a decrease of 2,910 in the number of casual staff,
so the overall level of staffing increased by 19,260 (3.8 per cent).

to the latest figures from the Cabinet Office, diversity in the civil service
remained roughly static with 52.3 per cent of staff female and around 8 per
cent from ethnic minority groups.

of the changes in staffing numbers were due to departmental changes with
responsibility for various agencies and schemes moving across government.

By Ross Wigham


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