CMO to carry out patient safety review

 How doctors are trained, monitored and supported needs to be at heart of future measures to protect patients from rogue GPs, such as Harold Shipman, it has been suggested.

In the wake of the inquiry into mass murderer Shipman, the government has appointed the chief medical officer (CMO) for England, Sir Liam Donaldson, to carry out a review into patient safety.

The CMO will report later this year and the review will inform the Department of Health’s patient protection measures, said health secretary John Reid.

Reid said: “It is clear that a review into patient protection is needed, immediately followed by strong patient protection measures informed by the review’s findings.”

Alastair Henderson, deputy director of NHS Employers, added that it was vital that organisations that employed and supported the training of doctors in the NHS should contribute to this debate.

“Over the coming months, we will seek the views of NHS organisations on their issues and concerns and identify every opportunity to ensure that they are properly represented,” he said

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