Employers' disciplinary rules set standards and make it clear what conduct is and is not acceptable in the workplace. A disciplinary procedure permits employers to deal fairly and consistently with employees who breach the rules and commit misconduct.

The “Acas code of practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures” provides employers with the principles for handling workplace disciplinaries. Employment tribunals will take the code into account when considering relevant cases, with the possibility of a 25% adjustment in any compensation awarded.

Firefighter who called gay colleague ‘half a man’ wins £12k pay out

A firefighter who called a short gay colleague ‘half a man’ has been awarded more than £12,000 because of the way his employer dismissed him.

Employee who took cannabis for back pain unfairly dismissed

8 Feb 2021

Employment tribunal finds that an employer did not take into account an employee’s medical reasons for taking cannabis before dismissing him.

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Fair crop: Police officers face fines for lockdown haircuts

27 Jan 2021

Thirty-one police officers face fines and two will be investigated for misconduct after they broke lockdown rules to have haircuts...

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Worker wins race discrimination claim at curry supplier

20 Jan 2021

A man who worked for a curry supplier has won a race discrimination claim after being told he did not...

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Less than 10% of police officers accused of misconduct are dismissed

18 Jan 2021

Figures show few officers investigated by the Independent Office for Police Conduct are dismissed after gross misconduct claims.

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Racist, sexist, homophobic police officers sacked

8 Jan 2021

Three police officers at Hampshire Constabulary’s serious organised crime unit were sacked for gross misconduct after being secretly bugged following whistleblower concerns.

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Postman wins unfair dismissal case over public urination

8 Jan 2021

An employment judge found that the real reason behind the dismissal was the postman's union activities and poor relationship with his line manager.

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Immigration officer wins £16k after ‘unfair’ probe into alleged racist slurs

30 Nov 2020

Tribunal finds that Joel Gold, although dismissed on potentially fair grounds of gross misconduct, did not receive a fair hearing from the Home Office.

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How should HR handle a case of domestic abuse?

27 Nov 2020

With soaring rates of calls to domestic abuse helplines throughout the Covid pandemic and coverage of the Johnny Depp vs...

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Employment tribunals have ‘almost ground to a halt’

9 Nov 2020

Discrimination cases are having to wait 14 months before receiving a court hearing, research by a prominent employment law firm reveals.

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How culture of transparency has put HR in the spotlight

7 Oct 2020

HR has become the custodians of good corporate behaviour as new laws and scandals have put the onus on businesses to change.

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Age Concern exec undermined by trustees wins £26k in compensation

6 Oct 2020

A former charity CEO has won more than £26,000 in compensation after being constructively dismissed from her role.
Gillian Smith...

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Managing conflict: How are investigations holding up in the pandemic?

6 Oct 2020

Just because a high proportion of employees are away from the office does not mean conflict has disappeared.

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‘I went to get a Covid-19 test and now I’ve lost my job’

5 Oct 2020

Worker in France who didn't know he had Covid-19 despite taking a test was dismissed for serious misconduct.

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Train guard recorded ‘shooting his mouth off’ was unfairly dismissed

21 Sep 2020

Claimant had been covertly recorded by a colleague 'holding forth on strike breakers and Conservative voters'.

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