Coaching moves up the agenda for UK employers

UK employers are increasingly offering coaching to employees to boost performance, research has revealed.

A survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)found that seven in 10 employers currently use coaching, compared with 63% in 2007.

It found that two-fifths of organisations offered coaching to all employees and the same proportion offered it to directors and senior management, while a third of respondents said they offered it only to senior managers and line managers.

Within organisations that offer coaching to all their employees, general personal development and helping poor performance were rated as the most common purposes for which it is used.

John McGurk, learning, training and development adviser at the CIPD said coaching has a significant impact both on individual and organisational performance.

“As coaching helps people to develop, it’s a perfect fit for the fast-moving knowledge economy in which we operate,” he said.

Half of respondents in the survey believe that coaching by line managers is the most effective learning and development practice, with even more responsibility expected to come their way in the next five years.

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