Coalition government’s proposed court closures put at least 1,000 jobs at risk

At least 1,000 jobs could be at risk following the government’s announcement it could close courts across the country to address the public deficit.

Yesterday, the government announced it was considering closing 103 magistrates courts and 54 county courts as part of a drive to slash criminal justice costs. A consultation will be launched on whether to keep the courts running.

Closing the courts would save around £15.3m a year in running costs, with a further £21.5m on maintenance, the Guardian has reported.

But Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union, said: “As well as devastating access to local justice, we estimate at least 1,000 jobs could be at risk.

“This is an outrageous attack, and unmasks the so-called ‘progressive’ coalition as a ruthless government determined to take the axe to public services.

“Our members will not sit back while vital public services are plundered to pay for an economic crisis caused by financial speculators.”

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