Code of practice to ease agencies through conflict

Aid agencies working in some of the world’s most dangerous war zones and
disaster areas have been issued with a new code of practice to help them
improve the way they recruit, manage and support staff.

The guidance is designed to help agencies offer better relief to communities
in need by focusing on best practice people management techniques.

It offers advice on how to recruit the people who will be able to cope with
the pressures of working in often hazardous conditions and how to equip them
with the necessary skills through proper training.

The guidance also highlights the importance of having excellent
communication channels to ensure staff are supported and kept informed.

The code has been drawn up by People In Aid, the network of relief
development and advocacy agencies.

People in Aid executive director Jonathan Potter said the document – The
Code of Good Practice in the Management and Support of Aid Personnel – puts
people management at the centre of its mission.

"Communities in need and aid workers both deserve the best support we
can offer and the code will help agencies do exactly that," he said.

The code links together aims and indicators in seven areas: health, safety
and security; learning, training and development; recruitment and selection;
consultation and communication; support, management and leadership; staff
policies and practices; and human resources strategy.

Code-implementing agencies receive kitemarks reflecting their commitment,
and achievements are verified with social audits involving staff and other


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