Colleagues with HIV not a problem for UK staff

Most people in the UK would have no problem working alongside a colleague with HIV, according to research by the National AIDS Trust (NAT).

A NAT survey of 1,981 people found that 70% would now feel comfortable with the situation, up from 57% in 2005.

The survey – the third of its kind since 2000 – was conducted by pollsters Ipsos MORI, among a representative sample of the British population, to determine people’s attitudes to and understanding of HIV.

Deborah Jack, NAT chief executive, said: “Thanks to treatment options in the UK, people living with HIV can have a full and healthy life. It is reassuring to know that among the vast majority, attitudes to people with HIV in the workplace are improving.”

However, the survey also revealed almost half (44%) would expect to be told if one of their colleagues was HIV positive.

In 2006, 73,000 people were living with HIV in the UK, according to the NAT.

Employers can find out more information about HIV from NAT’s page of employment resources.

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