Commerce and Creativity launches alternative teambuilding days

In October 2007, The Guardian covered the shift from traditional teambuilding events to a more subtle and relaxed new type of event (“Forget Paintball”). Commerce and Creativity has been launched in London to offer companies a wide range of relaxed, fun and inclusive creative events led by professional artists rather than facilitators.

Ranging from painting to sculpture, acting to singing and dance, cooking and writing, these events trust on the teambuilding to happen naturally, without the need for laboured simulations or competitiveness.  Additionally, most events last just a couple of hours and can be done at lunchtimes or after work near the office, minimising the time investments of away days out in the country.

Commerce and Creativity has partnered up with a range of leading colleges and academies in London, all of whom are eager to build on their initial forays into this new approach to teambuilding, and to help bring London’s business and artistic communities closer together to mutual benefit.

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