Teamworking is vital for employers. Employees work more effectively when they feel part of a team, so creating an environment of camaraderie can have great benefits. Line managers should encourage employees to work as part of a team, to improve staff motivation.

The future is hybrid: so where will we work?

Recent surveys suggest that most organisations will face at least some degree of hybrid home and office working for months...

Home-working is here to stay, finds studies

5 Oct 2020

Two major surveys point to home-working becoming a long-term trend.

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Working at home has led to longer hours

13 Aug 2020

Loss of creative collaboration and working for an extra week a month among findings from pandemic studies of working at home.

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Shifting sales: How can organisations boost remote sales teams?

9 Jul 2020

Teams of field sales people have had to adapt quickly to running meetings and chasing leads virtually rather than in...

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How working from home is levelling the playing field

22 Jun 2020

Home working and the absence of 'office power' has led to major cultural shifts that will benefit the goals of diversity and inclusion.

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Please don’t Zoom me just because you’re bored

17 Jun 2020

We’ve all encountered them: the lengthy video meeting that appeared to have no purpose, or could have been condensed into...

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Can I wear headphones when we get back to the office?

12 Jun 2020

Whether it’s to drown out the sound of children fighting or a way to aid concentration when working from home,...

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Woman returning to office

Reboot your company culture for the socially distanced workplace

29 May 2020

Getting culture right as lockdown eases will see businesses retain employees. Get it wrong and they will risk losing valued people.

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How will your star teams perform now they’re working alone?

14 May 2020

Your star performers, or ‘superchickens’, work better together. So how can organisations build social cohesion when everyone is working virtually,...

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‘Household, we have a problem’: Learning to work at home

14 Apr 2020

When working from home, how can we minimise the irritations of the 'capsule environment'?

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We’re living in capsules now, but let’s take the positives

6 Apr 2020

We can compare our current experience to those of scientists stationed in the polar regions - yes, really.

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Working from home: How HR can deal with the daily dilemmas

24 Mar 2020

With so many people having to reinvent the way they work because of the coronavirus outbreak, Jo Faragher examines how HR professionals may overcome the many difficulties they are bound to face.

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Coronavirus: What employers need to know (webinar)

19 Mar 2020

ON-DEMAND | As the true impact of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic becomes apparent, employers are facing...

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Four ways to empower teams and unlock potential

10 Feb 2020

Finding the right workplace culture where teams and individuals feel free to experiment and take action doesn’t necessarily come naturally...

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Why empathy is the future workplace’s key to success

5 Feb 2020

The secret to business agility lies in the ability to build empathy suggests Linda Jingfang Cai in her new book.

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