Teamworking is vital for employers. Employees work more effectively when they feel part of a team, so creating an environment of camaraderie can have great benefits. Line managers should encourage employees to work as part of a team, to improve staff motivation.

Why diversity isn’t the real key to innovation

While diversity is usually regarded as vital to a more innovative organisation, new ideas only come forward when employees feel...

Too much collaboration kills creativity

14 Aug 2018

Researchers in the US have found that collaboration among teams is welcome but that it should be limited to achieve...

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Improve wellbeing by becoming ‘conversationally intelligent’

3 Aug 2018

Workplace conversations happen all the time of course, but “good” conversation – talking that makes change happen or calms conflict...

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Five principles of high-performing teams

18 May 2018

In a volatile environment, organisations need teams that are engaged, productive and know what they’re working towards. How can we...

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Seven ways music can enhance employee wellbeing

4 May 2018

Music can help employee wellbeing by helping people deal better with tricky situations, depression or anxiety.  Music therapist Dr Stella...

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Team alchemy: the five psychological factors of team success

27 Apr 2018

For a team to function well and achieve the right outcomes in an effective manner, it needs good chemistry. Psychometrician...

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Wellbeing @ Work Event

How happiness helped Boundless grow in leaps and bounds

29 Aug 2017

Teamwork and mindfulness at work helped rebrand membership club Boundless and transform its culture. CEO Carl Fillery, a speaker at...

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Three ways to prevent communication breakdown in teams

22 Jun 2017

Employees rate bad communication as one of the key reasons they feel disengaged with employers. So how can HR support...

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Coaching Impact fends off opponents to win 2016 HR Supplier Partnership Award

22 Nov 2016

Now in its third year, the HR Supplier Partnership Award celebrates collaboration between HR teams and their suppliers. Suppliers can...

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CIPD conference review: how can HR shape the future of work?

15 Nov 2016

The recurring theme at this year’s CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition was how HR should respond to the rapidly changing...

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Team building: Treasure hunts for the digital age

11 Oct 2016

If, when you hear “Treasure hunt”, you hark back to Anneka Rice’s popular 1980s game show, you are not alone....

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World Cup: what can employers learn from the England team?

11 Jun 2010

Across the globe, millions of people will for the next month be transfixed by the World Cup – the most spectacular...

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Social Media Week: It’s time to for HR to get social

19 Apr 2010

Something like two-thirds of UK employers ban employees from online social networking at work. To some extent, this action is...

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Fit-note system cause for concern among HR professionals

17 Feb 2010

With little over a month to go until the introduction of the new fit-note system, it seems there is already...

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Unilever Europe combine Sustainability Technology Platform with leadership and team building programme

23 Nov 2009

Unilever Europe recently combined their Sustainability Technology Platform meeting with a 2 day Leadership and Team Building programme at My Peak...

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