Companies look overseas to help fill skills shortages

More than half of companies based in Europe look abroad for job candidates,
according to research by Job Partners.

The Emergence of e-Recruitment as a Strategic Asset shows that 56 per cent
of the companies interviewed recruit from overseas.

Julian Kulkarni, co-founder and director of the software provider, said,
"Companies are looking abroad to try to fill skill gaps they cannot fill
in their own country and to help them develop new European markets."

Personnel and recruitment managers are using multiple recruitment methods,
with 82 per cent using five or more channels and 58 per cent using over seven,
including newspapers, agencies, job fairs and web portals.

The research also shows that half of HR directors give detailed reports to
the board. Of those who do, 42 per cent report on tactics used to find
candidates, 41 per cent on their effectiveness and 39 per cent on cost.

Eighty-nine per cent of HR managers send e-mails to candidates, but many
still choose the telephone, fax and letters.

Kulkarni said, "Many managers are missing a trick. They are not using
software and other applications in a way that could help them work

Only 30 per cent use software to support three or more parts of the
recruitment process, less than 50 per cent use software to attract job
applicants and 25 per cent use software to report to management.

Personnel directors and recruitment managers from 76 financial services and
high-tech companies in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands
were interviewed for the research.

By Katie Hawkins

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