Staff consultation directive poorly received

The CBI has reacted angrily to the passing of the EU
directive on staff consultation by the social policy council earlier today.

“Companies will find this really difficult to swallow. They
will see it as a step in the wrong direction that could undermine the ability
of managers to manage” said John Cridland, CBI deputy director-general.

The Information and Consultation directive, which will set a
legal requirement for all companies with more than 50 staff to inform and
consult them on key business issues, could become law in Europe by the end of
the year and be implemented in the UK as early as 2004.

The TUC welcomed the agreement. “Today’s agreement should
mean Britain’s employees can look forward to genuine consultation on issues
that affect them. We hope that these rights become a reality before too long”
said John Monks, general secretary.

By Katie Hawkins.
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