Concessions mean slow phase in for staff consultation

ministers have secured significant concessions in the implementation of the EU
directive on staff consultation.

regulations will be phased in over seven years for companies with less than 150
employees and they will be limited to companies with more than 50 staff.

the European Employment and Social Policy Council agreed on the draft directive
on information and consultation, which will require companies to inform and
consult with staff about job cuts and restructuring.

General Secretary John Monks said, “The way the UK and Irish governments have
negotiated this, means workers in companies with less than 150 staff will have
to wait for between five and seven years before they get these basic rights.
This is far too long."

bodies, however, are disappointed with the directive itself. “We are extremely
disappointed that agreement has been reached on this directive that we consider
is excessive and inappropriate. It would be difficult to imagine any
compromises that would not make this a bitter pill for UK employers to have to
swallow,” said David Yeandle, EEF deputy director of employment policy.

The draft
directive will now be discussed in the European Parliament. Disputes between
Parliament and the Employment and Social Policy Council over amendments will
need to be resolved in a conciliation process lasting no more than six weeks.

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