Midlands police force launches innovative recruitment drive

Police has launched a recruitment drive aimed at increasing its representation
of ethnic minorities and women in the force.

six-week recruitment campaign, which began in June, aims to attract a further
105 officers this year.

particular, women and ethnic minorities are being targeted. As part of the
campaign, Warwickshire Police established community focus groups consisting of
students and older people from ethnic minorities. It has given the force a
better feel for community concerns, explained Middleton.

Police then appointed a minority ethnic community liaison officer to explain
the diversity of roles available to the community.

to Personnel Today, Julie Middleton, the force’s recruitment manager said, “So
far we have received 30 applications from ethnic minorities and 84 applications
from women. The aim of this recruitment drive is to get Warwickshire Police to
be a preferred employer for these groups.”


By Karen Higginbottom. Click here to

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